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PRESS: Lync App of the Week - Visitorlink - Virtual Greeter - Works with Any PBX

Date Released: 02/09/2013
Here is the Lync App of the Week. I was able to use this cool product while visiting their offices.  Simple to use, effective and makes you really feel welcomed at the office.  While I continued to wait for my meeting, they could have added a video on their products or any products.  This makes it not just a visitor link but a sales link as well.

Here is what they say about visitor link.   

For just a fraction of the cost of a receptionist, VisitorLink ensures every visitor is welcomed with a new level of consistency and professionalism. Further, the extensibility of VisitorLink opens the door to new possibilities. Imagine leveraging calendar data in Exchange or sales data in CRM or Accounting to greet visitors with unprecedented individualized service. VisitorLink is a whole new way to connect with visitors.  VisitorLink has a customizable and extensible touchscreen interface that is used to visually welcome, identify, and connect visitors to the right individual within an organization. Editor note: While this is built on Lync, VisitorLink aims to leverage the power of Microsoft Lync IM, however it can be used with any PBX system.  Contact Visitorlink for more details.

Whatever your reception desk challenge, VisitorLink ensures visitors are welcomed, identified and connected with the right staff, promptly, consistently and professionally.
- Welcome Coverage All the Time
Customize how VisitorLink handles calls based on your staff's current availability. When one employee is at lunch, re-route his notifications to a team member
- Identify Security-Minded
Tailor VisitorLink to your organization's security needs, requiring visitors to swipe an ID card or scan a business card, or print a security badge.
- Connect Choose Who Visitors Connect 
VisitorLink gives you the choice: allow visitors to browse and connect directly to any or select team members, or  route them to a receptionist, who can connect visitors with both on-site and remote employees. 
 Click her for more information and/or setup a time to meet at Lync Conference in San Diego.  


"I have known Tom for close to seven years now. In 2005, As Director of MARCOM at Carrier Access, he saw the great possibilities of the online VoIP system we were building and worked hard to help us get the word out both internally and externally. Since then, he has followed the unique and exciting opportunities of my venture startup. Over the past year when funding has been available, Tom has created exciting user training, Marcom strategy, channel sales, online tutorials, and consulted on other new venture strategies as well as making investor presentations. He is smart, determined, persistent and has a great asset to my company. I highly recommend Tom for any of your marketing, communications, advertising, SEO, website, customer sales, corporate presentations, training, strategy and other needs you may have." Roger Toennis CEO RockIT

Here are some of the marketing-communications (marcom) solutions available:

- Strategic Planning, Market/Business Development (Qwest, BellSouth, ICG and others)

- Newsletters (e.g. www.lyncuserforum) from Constant Contact Certified Experts

- Webseminars ("Highest Scores Ever" - Microsoft)

- Customer Case Studies (Winner of "Best Customer Case Study" from Broadsoft)

- White Papers (Top-10 Tips for VoIP Implementation - XO)

- SEO (top placement of key words in Google), e.g. Google IVR Lync

- Social marketing (Twitter, social media course) Twitter accounts @techtionary @beautyapps

- Social Business College - social media training (course evaluations available)

- Articles (XO, Qwest and others)

- Press Releases (Gold Systems, RockIT SimpleSignal and others)

- Training delivery (Qwest, TimeWarner, Cox Cable and many others)

- Course development new courses (Qwest, Microsoft, others)

- Elearning course development and delivery (Qwest)

- Videos and Flash tutorials (RockIT, TECHtionary, Social Business College)

- Consulting (product, strategic planning, crossnetpoints model) produces marketing solutions, dealer and customer training programs, online presentations including iPod and PC formats sales brochures, virtual installation manuals and animated online presentations. has more than 3,015+ free online animated presentations on data communications, internet, wireless, SIP, OCS-Office Communications Server, VoIP-Voice over Internet Protocol, PBX Systems, central office switching, protocols, telephony, telecommunications, networking, routing, IPTV, WiMax, power systems, broadband, WiFi-wireless fidelity and other related technologies available at More details on training are available by calling Tom Cross at 303-594-1694 or Thomas Cross is a magazine columnist with many key technology publications and a member of the Technical Board of Advisors for the VoIP-Security Alliance. He holds Comptia Security+ and other certifications.

About Cloud/Skype/Lync User Forum is an independent forum on Contextual Communications, UC-Unified Communications, Skype, Apple, Google, Microsoft Lync Communications Server and other solutions. LyncForum sponsors the Lync Summit and other educational events. Lync Forum provides classroom and webseminar training as well as a non-production communications server environments for those IT departments without additional equipment, budget or time. This allows planners and users to test ideas, dial in and dial back out, IM file transfers, remote desktop sharing, video conferencing, run scenarios, review logs, break linkages and learning about new telephony features and network access. Lync Forum is also designed for both the system integrator/consultant who wants to learn about Lync without having to build their own system as well as the enterprise customer who doesn't have the time, resources or knowledge to develop one. Lync User Forum Labs are designed to be "hands-on" or "over-the-shoulder" with experts available for Q&A and classes for feature-specific review.

Lync User Forum is a vendor-independent laboratory environment designed for learning, technical guides, knowledge resources and online "live" services. Lync User Forum provides planning, project management, consulting, training, case studies, white papers, speaking engagements, market/customer research, network planning and other services. For more go to and is an independent Forum. Microsoft is a trademark of Microsoft Corporation.

Lync Summit will have keynotes from Lync MVPs, Media Gateway/SBC experts, customers, planners and others. Attendees and exhibitors will receive thousands of dollars in valuable videos, training courses and online access to a "live" Lync system. There will be sessions on Lync Planning, QoS, Compliance, Endpoints, Phones, Security, Firewalls, Media Gateways, PBX Integration, Mobile Lync, Communicator, WAN-Bandwidth Planning, Customer Applications, Troubleshooting, Session Border Controllers and others.

About Tele/Presence Forum

TPF provides education, research, and events designed to improve awareness of the benefits of tele/presence whether video, audio, computer, multi-media, web and other systems. Among the many benefits, Tele/Presence can: - Reduce sales cycles - and are proven to increase revenues - Reduce business costs - travel, downtime, meeting delays, business processes - Improve productivity - increased coordination yields improved customer communications - Accelerates communications - faster communications means faster product cycles - Reduce customer communications disasters - reduce impact of crisis situations

For prospectus, speaker, exhibitor, information, please contact Tom Cross or 303-594-1694.

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