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PRESS: Where To Get White Colored Contacts Like Hopsin

Where To Buy Hopsin Contacts Lenses
Date Released: 02/16/2013
Famous Youtube rapper Hopsin who has released two albums, Gazing At The Moonlight and Funk Volume, is notorious for his use of white colored contact lenses. This is sort of his trademark image that people remember him by along with his hip hop music. Many of Hopsin’s fans who like his style are trying to emulate his fashion sense white eyes.

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Most people looking for the exact same contacts that Hopsin wears may have a hard time finding them in local stores. The best place to look would be online at sites that sell contacts for Halloween costumes. There are a wide variety of white contact lenses that can be purchased including many different patterns of white lenses.

Hopsin is currently working on his 3rd album entitled Knock Madness which will be released sometime in 2013. He is known for dissing popular rappers Lil Wayne and Soulja Boy because he feels their music has a negative influence as their main topics are drugs, women, and alcohol. He was to remembered as a rapper that rapped about positive influences.

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