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PRESS: Best seller of Argyle diamonds

Exceptional quality diamonds, most awesome looking diamonds to deck your getup!
Date Released: 04/16/2013
Argyle diamond is the most sought for diamonds in the world today because they are colored diamonds quite apart from what diamonds conventionally look like. The Argyle diamond mines are situated in the far Eastern Kimberley regions of North-Western Australia. While mining these diamonds, a special pressure uplifting procedure is followed due to which the diamonds absorb maximum light and resultantly their structure gets colored with the hues of the rainbow. The ownership of the Argyle Diamond mine is with Rio Tinto.

One company called Reddiam specializes in selling colored Argyle diamonds and colored diamond jewelries. Its 30 long years of experience in the International diamond industry allows it to carry out its business most effectively. The founders of this company are the Zarfati & Zohar families. In the present times people are more after the Fancy Color Argyle Diamonds than the conventional white or colorless diamonds because colored Argyle diamonds are far more affordable as well as versatile when compared to conventional diamonds. It is a common human psychology to get attracted towards colors and when it comes to choosing jewelry, especially diamond jewelry the colored Argyle diamond jewelries can appeal the eyes like anything.

“Our store is capable of supplying customers with the best quality Argyle diamonds of all other stores. Our experienced professional polishers can bring the best finish & sparkle in the diamond. During the manufacturing procedure all our stones are made to pass through stringent quality assurance procedure and gemologist inspection to give stones that are best in the world” says a team member

Fancy Color Argyle Diamonds make an extremely beautiful and rare gift that is as lustrous as conventional diamond and is very much in fashion. The jewelry craftsmen team of Reddiam has special skills in the Argyle diamond precision manufacture processes; i.e. polishing, cutting etc to achieve the exact sparkle in colored Argyle diamonds. The diamond importation & exportation system of the company is also strong enough and all diamonds imported or exported by the company fall between 0.5 carats to 20 carats. To meet the highest levels of International Standards the company maintains diamond stocks up to 500 carats and all the items in its stock are HRD & GIA Graded. At Reddiam the colors available for diamond are violet, green, orange, yellow, pink, blue, grey, black, red, purple, Champagne, Chameleon, white. The uniquely designed diamond jewelry of the store like bracelet, rings and earrings are popular worldwide.

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54 Betzal'el St. Diamonds Exchange Center, Diamond Tower, 18th Floor Room 93. Ramat Gan, Israel. Call: 972-3-6120993 Email: support(at)


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