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IP addresses, or the Internet Protocol numbers, are what uniquely identify any system, computer or server connected to the Internet.
Date Released: 02/01/2012
IP addresses, or the Internet Protocol numbers, are what uniquely identify any system, computer or server connected to the Internet. As such, finding information about a particular IP or domain name can be invaluable in many situations. There's always been tools that network gurus used, but most have been on the command line, like ping IP or whois IP, requiring precious time and expertise. Now however, with my ip address, you can find all the information available about any IP or domain name easily and quickly. Here's how it works.

First, why would you want to look up an IP? Just like you may want to look up a phone number, it can tell you a lot about a specific person. Think about it. Let's say, for example, that some unknown person calls your phone and leaves threatening remarks. The first thing you can do is trace their phone number, and then look it up, either in a reverse lookup table, or in the white pages. This will tell you who the phone number is registered to. The same is true for IP addresses. If you run a site, and someone leaves nasty comments, chances are you can go in your logs and see who it is. But all you would get is their IP address. By using this site, you can put in that address, and find out all the information available about it. This also works for domains as well. Let's say you click a link and end up at a site you've never heard of before, and want to know what that domain name is. Simply input the name into the search box, and similar information will appear.

So what can you find out from an IP address? Just like the command line tools, it gives you all the information you may want to know, such as the country it's in, the most precise location possible with latitude and longitude coordinates, along with a pin on a map, the organization that owns this IP or domain, along with the service provider. These are all the publicly available data that's linked to the address you put in. It's a great tool for any webmaster, blog owner, or even anyone who may want to find out more information about a site. Plus, when you go to the site, by default it shows you information about your own IP address, so if you ever ask yourself what is my IP, whether because you're trying to configure something, or a services needs to know, then right away you can get your current address from the site. It's easy, simple, and free. While there's been tools that did those things for a long time, none of them are as quick to use as this one.

Overall, is a central location for network gurus and techies alike, anyone who may want information about their own IP address, or the address of anyone else, and find out everything that's publicly available about them. Check it out, and make sure to keep it bookmarked for future use.

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