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PRESS: offers Social Media Marketing Management Services for BtoB Executives and High Tech Professionals offers social media marketing management services for executives and Individual in BtoB, BtoC, Non profits, and professionals in Human Resources, Recruiting, Sales and Marketing
Date Released: 05/30/2012
Executive and professionals from all walks of life know they need to get on board with having an online presence but the process of establishing their profiles and understanding what platforms and tools to use to build and foster relationships are daunting, that often, they abandon social media or are winging it and don't consider working with a Social media marketing strategist. This is why Ana Lucia Novak founded after starting her virtual business in 2007. " When I started my business, I found a common theme occurring as executives and professionals began reaching out to me via LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook about social media methodology, best practices, and mostly "How to's". There are many layers to establishing a social media presence, especially as social media continues to evolve by the minute, so there is a need for one on one consulting, training and implementation".

Ana Lucia Novak spent 20 years in the high tech industry in Silicon Valley, primarily working along side CEO's and C+ executives in marketing, sales, human resources and event planning. She acquired exceptional software and technical skills but had no idea that someday she would be running her own virtual marketing consulting business. Her love for technology, organization and tools enabled her to offer services where she could build out people's social media infrastructure and organize their online profiles in way to streamline their online marketing activities in a seamless manner. Hence, her nickname among her friends as the "social media architect".

In 2009, she decided to invest her time and money in online courses ranging from online marketing, SEO, eCommerce and technical courses to apply to her own business. "Sometimes you don't know realize how much you know until you're asked the question, but as I went through each course, I realized that I was well versed in some of the marketing strategies and tactics, but just didn't know the language for it. ", Ana Lucia quotes, " In fact, 'social media' wasn't even a term used back then, although the concepts are the same. The only difference is the ability to form relationships quickly and the method used to get your message out there is instant; imagine reaching thousands within seconds, and across timezones and borders."

SocialAna helps executives and professionals identify their goals and objectives, define an online strategy and creates a blueprint that maps out set up and implementation, suggests appropriate platforms and tools for richer engagement and for building relationships online, while at the same time, enhancing SEO and increase revenue through various marketing activities complimented by social media activities.

Ana Lucia Novak is a social media influencer and has 20 years of experience in the BtoB space and over 5 years assisting individuals build their brands, increase visibility and generate new customers with social media.

A social entrepreneur, Ana Lucia Novak has developed and executed long-term marketing strategies and social media strategies for executives, professionals, coaches, authors and speakers. She’s an expert in start-ups, HR, Recruiting, and Event Planning.

As a social media consultant, Ana Lucia offers social media marketing management services including branding, strategy, set up and implementation, bookmarking services, reputation management, technical training and SEO marketing to insure her clients see results from their social media efforts. She shares her knowledge on a variety of topics through her blog and webinars on social business topics ranging from Twitter, Linkedin, and Facebook marketing; best practices; and how to leverage the power of social media with QR Codes, Hashtags, and Blogging.

Ana Lucia Novak has a passion for an array of causes, including the Feed the Children and A Woman’s Place (AWP), San Francisco.

About Novak Media Group

Novak Media Group and SocialAna offers social media marketing management services and individual coaching, consulting, training and branding services for BtoB executives, professionals in the BtoC, Non-profit organizations, consultants, Human Resources and Recruiters.

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