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PRESS: ā€“ TreadClimber by Bowflex Reviews

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Date Released: 07/09/2012
Are you looking to get in shape? The TreadClimber by Bowflex can be just the thing that gets you headed in the right direction. Bowflex has combined the need for an elliptical, treadmill, and stepper into an all in one piece of exercise equipment with the TreadClimber. The combination of all three individual types of exercises in one machine promotes a higher workout capacity for at least twice the amount of calories burned.

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Key Features:

Maximum speed: 0.7-4.0 miles per hour/1.1-6.4 kilometers per hour

Resistance range: 0-12 levels

Electronic functions: speed, distance, time, calories per minute, total calories, and total steps

Computer indicator shows calories per minute and total calories burned

Ergonomic console provides easy accessibility to water bottles and magazines

Dimensions: 46 inches long by 28.5 inches wide by 55.25 inches tall (117 by 72 by 140 centimeters)

Assembled weight: 185 pounds/84 kilograms

Maximum user capacity: 300 pounds/136 kilograms

Iā€™m sure those who workout in a gym have tried the TreadClimber there and understand how useful it can be to workouts. Bowflex has an offer for customers who would like to get one for their home. Customers can visit their website and request a free information kit which will go into detail about all of the advantages of the TreadClimber. They are offering a special discount for customers which includes $600 off the total price as well as free shipping and a free mat. Go ahead and start with your free kit.

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